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Motorcycle sidecars for sale and installation. Sales of Sidecars and install kits are also my speciality. Proper sidecar mounting and alignment are high priorities here. Over 20 years experience in this work.My name is Bob Wark and I love motorcycles, some might say too much! I am proud of my work and customer service is a priority. The Warkshop is a no B.S. zone. I do all of the work myself, from start to finish, phone work to floor sweeping to website admin. Dear wife Nancy (now retired, hurrah!) helps as needed. References are available on request. I also do custom mounting of your used sidecar or one you buy from me.

Velorex sidecars, Watsonian Sidecars, Champion Sidecars,Trans-Moto Motorcycle Sidecars available here. . Sidecars can be installed here or shipped to you. Know that sidecar installation is not the cakewalk some would like you to think (sales pitch).  Click on SIDECARS to see what I have to offer you!

Where am I? I am located in Marietta, Ohio. Marietta is in southeastern Ohio, right on the Ohio river. The first organized settlement in Ohio, Marietta and Washington County are popular among motorcyclists for its scenic byways. Riding, both on and off road is fabulous here. Here is a Google Map to help you find me.


I can best be reached by cell phone at 740-538-4746 (text if you like) or Home/office, not nearly as likely to catch me 740-374-4250 from 8 am to 7pm Eastern Standard Time, 7 days a week. You can email me at bobwarkshop2016@gmail.com, my new, preferred email or my old, eventually to be gone email if you must bobwarkshop@suddenlink.net . My typing stinks and I would rather talk over the phone. Email or text me your phone number and I'll call you. Please leave me both your evening and daytime phone numbers.

1955 County Road 9, Marietta, OH 45750

At Your Service , Bob Wark
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