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Sidecar Questions

#1 Aren’t they dangerous?

Yes!, but only if they are improperly installed then driven without proper training. A correctly set up rig should be as safe as a solo bike, provided you know how to drive it! A hack is much more visible than a solo, this is a big safety plus!

#2 How much does this toy cost?!

New sidecars start at $3000+shipping(2-22-13), to over $10,000! How much you got? Ha! Ha! Shipping, crating, special parts and installation can/will add to this


#3 Can I mount it myself?

Do you work on your own bike or are you all thumbs? Two people with good mechanical skills, tools and garage with a flat floor can mount most sidecars in a weekend of diligent work. Less mechanical skill and not following my suggested installation method will take longer. It is a time consuming job, but not that technically demanding.

#4 How easily is the hack removed and replaced?

A small dolly to put beneath the sidecar is a must. If you have one you should be able to remove most hacks in around an hour. To reinstall should take an hour or so and is much easier with a helper. Without the aforementioned dolly this whole job is royal pain! Know that the lower sidecar mounts on the bike can cause minor to major ground clearance issues when leaning into corners.

#5 How hard is to learn to drive a sidecar rig (Yes I said drive, that is the correct term)

Get the book 'Driving a Sidecar Outfit' from Whitehorse Press, cost $34.95. Whitehorse can be reached at 603-356-6633, or www.WhitehorsePress.com. This is the latest, greatest manual for learning this most important set of skills,,,,it is worlds different than solo riding, don't underestimate this ! If you don't properly learn how to drive you WILL scare the heck out of yourself and possibly get hurt, don’t screw up here! Please call with questions. You need a large, quiet parking lot . Most folks don’t find it too difficult to learn. It is those who just jump on and take off who get surprised! Get the book !


The Sidecar/Trike Education Program of Seattle, WA offers training classes. These are available in a limited basis from local, trained instructors all over the country. Contact them about times and places. Sidecar/Trike Education Program 1-800-521-0778, website: http://www.esc.org. If there is any way you can get yourself into one of these courses, don't hesitate, it will be worth your time/trouble/money. "How long you wanna live anyway ?"


#6 Can my bike handle pulling a hack?

The bike and side car must be a good match. It's not rocket science! Big bike, big hack; small bike, small hack! This all about the speed which you require. Running on the freeway at 70-75 mph takes a lot of horsepower = bigger bike, mo money. If you can be satisfied with running on surface streets and country rides then a much smaller, lighter bike will do the job fine. Even the best rigs will use more gas than a solo and tire wear also increases . Both usually drop about 25%, serious tire wear and horrible gas mileage indicate poor alignment. Bike maintenance especially steering neck, swing arm and wheel bearing lube and adjustments become critical to safety and handling.













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