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Sidecar sales nation-wide and motorcycle sidecar installations done here. Want to install your own? Click on the Installation Guide link below. I can supply custom, dedicated mount kits for mounting Velorex sidecars to some popular bikes. I recognize that customers' tastes and budgets are different and that different motorcycles and scooters require different sidecars. Here you have a variety of choices. I have the experience to help you choose just the right one and make sure that it is properly installed.Scroll down to see which brands i carry.

Folks making their first sidecar purchase need to learn as much as possible before making the plunge. To learn more about sidecars in general, visit the Sidecar FAQ section.

If you have already purchased a sidecar and want to install it yourself - you DIYers know who you are - check out my Sidecar Installation Guide. But please, if you think you are in over-your-head don't hesitate to call me. Installing a sidecar is not a job for everyone, but it isn't an impossible DIY. You need to honestly evaluate your skills, it is quite a puzzle!

If you are ready to start your research, browse through the different brands listed below. If you get overwhelmed by the choices, please give me a call (cell 740) 538-4746 or home/office 740-374-4250 . When you are ready to learn more, please call so i can help with questions. I loath typing!

Or email firstly  bobwarkshop@suddenlink.net 

Select a brand below for pictures, specs, options and prices.





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